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A set of modular PCBs that can be used to create a custom configuration for a Matrix Mixer. A Matrix mixer allows you to mix you any input to any output at the same time.
<img src="images/final.jpg" height="600px" width="auto">
<img src="images/final.jpg" height="600px">
If you have for example a 4x4 Matrix Mixer, you have 16 knobs with each controlling a how much of a given input signal (`1-4`) will be mixed into a given output (`A-D`):
<img src="images/4x4-matrix.png" height="600px" width="auto">
<img src="images/4x4-matrix.png" height="600px">
For example by turning up the knob at the intersection between Input `2` and Output `B` we can mix all of the signal present at the input to the output. If we turn up another knob at another intersection, the signal will be present at both outputs:
<img src="images/matrix-examples.png" height="600px" width="auto">
<img src="images/matrix-examples.png" height="600px">
This makes Matrix mixers extremely flexible and allows for many possible combinations and use cases.
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