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using UnityEngine;
[AddComponentMenu("Camera/Simple Smooth Mouse Look ")]
public class SmoothMouseLook : MonoBehaviour
Vector2 _mouseAbsolute;
Vector2 _smoothMouse;
[Tooltip("Limit the possible rotation to these values (Left/Right, Up/Down)")]
public Vector2 clampInDegrees = new Vector2(360, 180);
[Tooltip("Hide/Display Cursor")]
public bool lockCursor;
[Tooltip("Mouse Sensitivity (Left/Right, Up/Down)")]
public Vector2 sensitivity = new Vector2(2, 2);
[Tooltip("Movement Smoothing (Left/Right, Up/Down)")]
public Vector2 smoothing = new Vector2(3, 3);
[Tooltip("Set target direction to the camera's initial orientation.")]
public Vector2 targetDirection;
[Tooltip("Set target direction for the character body to its inital state.")]
public Vector2 targetCharacterDirection;
// Assign this if there's a parent object controlling motion, such as a Character Controller.
// Yaw rotation will affect this object instead of the camera if set.
[Tooltip("Assign Parent Object if there is one (affects horizontal rotation around Y axis)")]
public GameObject characterBody;
void Start()
// Set target direction to the camera's initial orientation.
targetDirection = transform.localRotation.eulerAngles;
// Set target direction for the character body to its inital state.
if (characterBody)
targetCharacterDirection = characterBody.transform.localRotation.eulerAngles;
void Update()
// Ensure the cursor is always locked when set
if (lockCursor)
Cursor.lockState = CursorLockMode.Locked;
// Allow the script to clamp based on a desired target value.
var targetOrientation = Quaternion.Euler(targetDirection);
var targetCharacterOrientation = Quaternion.Euler(targetCharacterDirection);
// Get raw mouse input for a cleaner reading on more sensitive mice.
var mouseDelta = new Vector2(Input.GetAxisRaw("Mouse X"), Input.GetAxisRaw("Mouse Y"));
// Scale input against the sensitivity setting and multiply that against the smoothing value.
mouseDelta = Vector2.Scale(mouseDelta, new Vector2(sensitivity.x * smoothing.x, sensitivity.y * smoothing.y));
// Interpolate mouse movement over time to apply smoothing delta.
_smoothMouse.x = Mathf.Lerp(_smoothMouse.x, mouseDelta.x, 1f / smoothing.x);
_smoothMouse.y = Mathf.Lerp(_smoothMouse.y, mouseDelta.y, 1f / smoothing.y);
// Find the absolute mouse movement value from point zero.
_mouseAbsolute += _smoothMouse;
// Clamp and apply the local x value first, so as not to be affected by world transforms.
if (clampInDegrees.x < 360)
_mouseAbsolute.x = Mathf.Clamp(_mouseAbsolute.x, -clampInDegrees.x * 0.5f, clampInDegrees.x * 0.5f);
// Then clamp and apply the global y value.
if (clampInDegrees.y < 360)
_mouseAbsolute.y = Mathf.Clamp(_mouseAbsolute.y, -clampInDegrees.y * 0.5f, clampInDegrees.y * 0.5f);
transform.localRotation = Quaternion.AngleAxis(-_mouseAbsolute.y, targetOrientation * Vector3.right) * targetOrientation;
// If there's a character body that acts as a parent to the camera
if (characterBody)
var yRotation = Quaternion.AngleAxis(_mouseAbsolute.x, Vector3.up);
characterBody.transform.localRotation = yRotation * targetCharacterOrientation;
var yRotation = Quaternion.AngleAxis(_mouseAbsolute.x, transform.InverseTransformDirection(Vector3.up));
transform.localRotation *= yRotation;
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