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<img src="panel/hxmx_panel_1080.png" height="600px" weight="auto" />
Dual 3-Channel Mixers with Master Level. The Sum of Channels 1+2+3 is nomalized into Channel 4. The Master Channels have a DC-Blocker on their outputs. There are LEDs for the Master Channels. Each Input Jack is directly wired to two pins (per default connected via jumpers) that can be used to extend the Mixer with the HXEQ
<img src="panel/hxeq_panel_1080.png" height="600px" weight="auto" />
- 6x One-Knob Tone Control with a [Big Muff Tonestack]($+1+0.0000049999999999999996+30.13683688681966+50+5+43%0Ac+272+208+272+304+0+1e-8+0.7288557425622705%0Ac+272+112+176+112+0+4e-9+-2.51032143648903%0Ar+272+208+176+208+0+39000%0A174+272+208+320+128+0+100000+0.005+Tone%0Ar+272+112+272+32+0+22000%0Aw+352+160+320+160+0%0Aw+176+112+176+208+0%0A170+176+208+128+208+2+20+4000+5+0.1%0Ag+272+304+272+320+0%0Ag+272+32+288+32+0%0AO+352+160+416+160+0%0Ax+176+-49+378+-46+6+24+Big%5CsMuff%5CsTonestack%0Ax+164+-19+406+-1+4+12+CCW%5Csincreases%5CsBass%5Csand%5Csdecreases%5CsTreble%5C%5CnCW%5Csincreases%5CsTreble%5Csand%5Csdecreases%5CsBass%0Ao+7+64+0+4099+5+0.0015625+0+2+7+3%0Ao+10+64+0+4098+5+0.1+0+1%0A) (passive)
- 2x Lowpass on Master
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