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Attenuvert and Offset with Voltage controllable Slew (lin/log, rise/both/fall switchable)
Attenuvert and Offset with Voltage controllable Slew (lin/log, rise/both/fall switchable) and Slope Detector.
<img src="images/Invoff_Panel_1080.png" height="600px" width="auto"/>
<img src="images/Invoff_Panel_1080.png" height="600px" width="auto"/>
The module consists of 4 stages with a fixed order:
1. <u>Attenuvert</u> – a signal patched into `IN` can be attenuated or inverterted via the topmost knob.
2. <u>Offset</u> – offset can be added to the attenuated or inverted signal in this second stage. Via the second big knob a fixed DC Offset may be dialed in and/or a external signal may be added (or subtracted) to/from the signal via the `OFF` CV Input.
3. <u>Slew</u> – in this stage the rate of rise and fall of the incoming signal can be limited. On audio this can act like a lowpass filter, and this may be used for things like glide and portamento. The amount of slew can be voltage controlled via the `SLEW` CV input. There is a switch that switches between linear and logarithmic operation (linear is straight edges, while logarithmic is curved). Another switch allows to adress either both edges of the signal, or only rising or falling edges. The resulting signal of stage 3 is to be found on `OFF`.
4. <u>Slope Detector</u> – the final signal from stage 3 is fed into a slope detector which additionally outputs a gate (between 0 and 5 V) every time a rising or falling edge is detected.
## Schematic
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