Commit ee66b54b authored by David Huss's avatar David Huss 💬
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Make --no-fancy default

parent a521f432
......@@ -68,7 +68,7 @@ def main(userconfig, watch):
@click.option('--compact', '-c', is_flag=True, help="Print compactly")
@click.option('--twolines', '-2', is_flag=True, help="Print essentials on two lines")
@click.option('--all', '-a', 'all_', is_flag=True, help="Print all")
@click.option('--fancy/--no-fancy', default=True, show_default=True, help="Use fancy headers")
@click.option('--fancy/--no-fancy', default=False, show_default=True, help="Use fancy headers")
def meetings(ctx, userconfig, watch, short, compact, n, all_, twolines, leaderboards, participants, presenter, presenter_id, meetings, endpoint, fancy):
"""View currently active meetings"""
if short:
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