Commit d19d1d3f authored by David Huss's avatar David Huss 💬
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Handle edge case with zero (active) meetings

parent a2ff79fd
......@@ -140,7 +140,11 @@ def get_meetings(secret: Secret, bbb_url: Url) -> Iterable[XmlDictConfig]:
if type(d["meetings"]["meeting"]) is XmlListConfig:
meetings = sorted([m for m in d["meetings"]["meeting"] if m["running"] == "true"], key=lambda x:int(x['participantCount']), reverse=True)
elif type(d["meetings"]["meeting"]) is XmlDictConfig:
meetings = [d["meetings"]["meeting"][0]]
if len(d["meetings"]["meeting"]) > 0:
meetings = [d["meetings"]["meeting"][0]]
print("There are no active meetings currently.")
return meetings
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