Commit 6413831d authored by David Huss's avatar David Huss 💬
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Fix error with config

parent f3884a1a
......@@ -96,6 +96,7 @@ def meetings(ctx, userconfig, short, all_, twolines, leaderboards, participants,
@click.option('--userconfig', '-u', is_flag=True, help="Use user config even if on server")
@click.option('--new', is_flag=True, help="Create a new default config and open it in the default editor")
@click.option('--edit', is_flag=True, help="Open the config in the default editor")
@click.option('--print', 'print_', is_flag=True, help="Print the config to stdout")
name = "bbbmon"
version = "0.1.16"
version = "0.1.17"
description = "A small CLI utility to monitor bbb usage"
authors = ["David Huss <>"]
maintainers = ["David Huss <>"]
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