Commit 0801d27f authored by David Huss's avatar David Huss 💬
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Fix json output (add endpoints)

parent 78e0726d
......@@ -358,7 +358,22 @@ def meetings_twolines(config: Config, watch: int, fancy: bool, sum_:bool):
def format_json(config: Config, watch: bool, compact: bool) -> str:
meetings = [get_meetings(e.secret, e.url, config.path, sum_=False) for e in config.endpoints]
meetings = []
for e, meeting in [(e, get_meetings(e.secret, e.url, config.path, sum_=False)) for e in config.endpoints]:
# metting = [m for m in ]
if meeting == ["unreachable"]:
meeting = [{"unreachable" : "true"}]
meeting[0]["unreachable"] = "false"
for m in meeting:
m["endpoint"] =
# Clear screen after request is done, and before printing new data to keep
# blinking to a minimum
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